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Burst of Happyness Blog is an initiative to create awareness about things that help “up” our happyness quotient: health and wellness, food, naturalism, skincare, spirituality, animals and more.

We are looking for high quality, engaging, and well researched content that has not been published elsewhere​, in the following categories.​


Fitness and yoga, food and nutrition, wellness


Skin and hair care, aromatherapy, DIY recipes, benefits of raw ingredients etc

Happy Living

Parenting, spirituality, gratitude, meditation, decluttering, slow-living, connecting with oneself and nature, travel


animal testing/cruelty, synthetics in personal care products, reading and understanding product labels.


1.       Post count: Max 750 words

2.       Author bi​o: Max 150 words with a link to your blog or website

​ (only for guest writers)​

3.       Post format: Title > Intro > Body > Conclusion > Call to action

4.       Post Style:

a.       Write in a simple and easy to understand manner. If you mention a statistic or a study in your piece, please include a link to that source.

b.      For advice and how-to articles, break up the text into points to help the reader assimilate it better. These points can also be converted into a shareable graphic for Pinterest.

c.       We may edit your articles and photos to suit our layout and tone.

5.       Photos:

g.       Dimensions (to be specified)

h.      Use non-copyrighted images through photo sharing sites like Flickr Creative Commons or Wikimedia. Credit a photo appropriately. Read more on Best Practices for Attribution

6.       Other: By submitting an article, you give us use rights in perpetuity. If you would like to republish your work elsewhere, please send an email to support@burstofhappyness.zohodesk.com

​Contribute as a Guest Writer: ​

In exchange for great content, we would be delighted to carry your bio and provide you a great platform to promote your blog and work.

All posts will be publicized on our social media channels and through our newsletter to ensure that it receives ample engagement. Please note, no compensation is paid for guest writers.

To take things forward, please write to us at  support@burstofhappyness.zohodesk.com