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Some quick facts

  1.  BoH was started by Shreya Sharan Pawar in 2012, as an answer to her personal struggle of searching for all natural products for her super sensitive skin.
  2. Since then, the company has grown to have its own workshop at Pune, Maharashtra
  3. All orders are currently made through the website – www.burstofhappyness.in
  4. BoH ships both domestic and international orders 🙂
  5. We believe in:
    1. Going green: Only eco-friendly and recyclable packaging is used for all our goodies.
    2. Full ingredient disclosure: ALL our ingredients are listed for our customers to read!
    3. Kindness to animals: Not only are we against animal testing, we also don’t use any animal products. Absolutely vegan

You can collaborate with us and review our products in the following ways:

  1. Share your media kit onsupport@burstofhappyness.zohodesk.com with the following details of your website:
    1. Website url ( you will be surprised how many people write to us for samples and don’t mention their url)
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    5. Details of your readers – who are they? how old are they? what do they do?
    6. What’s your story? We would love to hear how and why you started – We love getting to know people!
    7. What product would you like to review?
  2. You are also most welcome to be a guest blogger on our blog. In exchange for great content, we would be delighted to carry your bio and provide you a great platform to promote your blog and work and get a backlink to your website. Get more details here: https://burstofhappyness.in/write-for-us/.


Here’s our press blurb:

Burst Of Happyness: Your Go-To Place For All Natural Bath And Body Goodies


Burst Of Happyness produces handcrafted, vegan, 100% natural and cruelty free bath and body goodies which include magnificent soaps, rich body moisturizers, aromatherapy salt scrubs, facial cleansers, serums and many more. With variants like Lavender & Grapefruit, Rose Crush and  Cedarwood & Bergamot, BOH’s natural deodorant creams are the most popular products, followed closely by its soap free Facial Cleansers – What A Girl Wants and Just Like Heaven.


Burst Of Happyness takes pride in their products that are made of 100% natural ingredients like exotic butters and oils, clays and essential oils, and in the fact that they look beautiful and smell yummy without ever using synthetic preservatives, chemicals, colors or fragrances in making them. Burst Of Happyness believes that beauty should not come at the price of environment or animals and thus great care is taken in making their products vegan and cruelty free. Neither animal products like lard, honey or wax are used in making them, nor are they tested on animals. They are environment friendly and are packaged in reusable and environment friendly glass jars and tins. Burst Of Happyness is the ultimate destination for seekers of all natural skincare.

Burst Of Happyness operate from Pune and their products are available at retail outlets in multiple locations, including e-retailers like Amazon and Flipkart.


Have anything else on your mind? Drop us a mail on support@burstofhappyness.zohodesk.com