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Take your skincare to the next level with Burst Of Happyness natural deodorant creams, lovingly crafted with hand-picked clays, gorgeous butters and meticulously chosen blends of essential oils, which pamper your skin and keep you fragrant in an all natural way.

Why should you switch to natural deodorants?

Most commercially available deodorants are chemical based and contain aluminium which blocks pores to prevent sweating. This causes toxic build up in sweat glands and lymph nodes. In the long run, chemical deodorants may cause cancer and Alzheimer’s. Also, chemical deodorants may cause darkening of underarms. They can be responsible for respiratory allergies for some people too.

Choose from our four superb deodorant creams that offer sheer sensory pleasure with their divine fragrances. These absorb moisture, eliminate body odour and check microbial growth effectively without leaving stains. These deodorant creams spread easily and are absorbed rapidly in the skin. Being all natural, they are great for all skin types. They not only keep you fresh and fragrant, their beneficial ingredients also nourish the skin naturally. So you can steer clear of chemical based deodorants and stay odour free without worrying about your skin.