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We’re bringing back a fourteenth-century practice and giving a whole new meaning to gifting! Apart from being innovative, it is also sustainable and helps us help you take a small step towards building a waste-free life.

BoH introduces Furoshiki Gift hampers – that are not just any gorgeous looking gift hampers (they are really breathtakingly gorgeous), but they are also gift hampers with a purpose.  Furoshiki is the Japanese art of gift-wrapping. It is a traditional cloth folding technique that allows you to wrap objects of all sizes in a single piece of cloth; you guessed it right! The cloth that is used for gift-wrapping is reusable and can be used further to wrap other gifts, or for any other purpose that you may please.



Furoshiki puts emphasis on being mindful and avoiding waste, and that the value we want to push in the universe.


Gift your loved one the gift of ‘mindfulness’ in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Add the  products you wish to gift to  cart

Step 2: Choose the Furoshiki gift wrap option you like best and add it to cart

Step 3: Proceed to check out

Step 4: Write a personalised message on the check out page for the recipient


WHY SHOULD YOU use furoshiki gift wrap?

When you wrap a gift with a shiny paper, the paper generally gets thrown away or tucked away under a mattress until it is thrown away at a further date. By introducing Furoshiki gift hampers, we want to replace paper gift wrapping with cloth and help you, our customers, inculcate the ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ mantra in your daily life.

Our furoshiki gift wraps are

  • made from cloth
  • are real pretty
  • are eco-friendly
  • are reusable
  • are unique
how to reuse the furoshiki gift wrap
  • As a scarf
  • As a table cover
  • Reuse to gift wrap

Be as creative as you can be….

Gift your loved one the gift of ‘mindfulness’ by gifting them some Burst Of Happyness!


Reusable Furoshiki Gift Wrap

Furoshiki Gift Wrap

70 inc tax

Choose your own gift wrap option with these patterns..

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