It began with an allergy. I first turned towards natural skin-care and soap-making because of allergies and skin issues that’d get aggravated every time I used products with synthetic and chemical ingredients.

Finding genuine natural products isn’t easy. Even though most products are labelled “natural,” they contain synthetic fragrances, preservatives, colorants… the list goes on. That’s when I decided to take things in my own hands and got down to making soap.

My first soap ever! This was an olive + oil soap, also known as Bastille soap. I got it bang on! This mild and creamy soap suited me very well and thus began my love affair with natural skincare.

Active ingredient: Research! It took a lot of research (yes, a Lot, and then a whole lot more!) to even Begin, talking to and learning from experienced soap-makers, and studying the techniques of soap-making, natural healing and benefits of various oils and botanicals.

Epiphany: My soaps were initially meant only for friends and family, but then I began receiving a whole lot of enquiries from other people too. That’s when I realized that there were many others who, like me, were struggling with sensitive skin and were looking for an effective, honest, and truly natural skincare solution.

Slippery stuff: This got me to experimenting. It took scores of trials―some were successful, others were total disasters. In time, I learned how to shampoo bars, masks, body butters and other products, all of which helped calm my skin!

Happyness begins! After a lot of deliberation and learning more about the nitty-gritties of soap-making, I launched Burst of Happyness in 2012. We started with a few soaps but now our product range has 40+ skin-loving goodies, including scrubs, lip balms, and body butters.

Spreading the Love: From a kitchen start-up, BOH has grown into a full-time venture that ships internationally and employs locally! It offers employment to the less privileged and helps them support their families. Our team helps in production, orders, office management, and thus learns basic computer skills, photography, and English!