How to Wash Your Hair with Clay

Commercial shampoos might have Silicones that coat hair to give that extra shine and smoothness.They also contain toxic surfactants like lauryl sulphate, which help the shampoo to stay close to natural hair pH. These additives are toxic in nature though and build up in the hair after a long period of regular use. Thus, to transition to natural shampoos, one require to first get rid of all the built up toxins. Clay is a great option for detoxifying hair. During the initial transition to natural shampoos, hair might look dull and tangly. After the detoxification is complete, the hair root become ready to absorb moisture well and hair gain their natural look and sheen.Using clays for regular hair washing is a good way to cleanse hair, because clays are highly absorbent, exfoliating and moisturising at the same time. All these properties make clay a complete hair care package. Different clays have different properties and hence they can be used for different types of hair. For example, Rhassoul clay works well for washing hair regularly. While bentonite clay is easily available and can be used for washing hair, it is more drying than rhassoul clay if left on for too long. Therefore bentonite clay can be used for excessively oily hair or a deep cleansing action against product build up. So we see that different clays should be used for different kind of hair and different purposes.

Here is some more about the types of clay that can be used for hair wash:

1. Rhassoul clay: it is mineral rich and absorbent. It can effectively exfoliate hair and remove oil build up. It also reduces dryness and improves hair elasticity. It is helpful in treating scalp conditions like dandruff and psoriasis.

2. Bentonite clay: It is a very powerful clay that has the ability to draw out impurities, toxins and build up. It effectively detoxifies hair, removes oil build up and imparts sheen to the hair. Bentonite clay powder can be mixed with aloe vera juice and apple cider vinegar, along with olive oil to be used on hair.

3. Kaolin clay: it is a very gentle clay. It is highly absorbent and is a gentle exfoliant. It is not quite effective on oily hair, but is great for dry hair. It can absorb toxins and work as an anti aging agent for hair, making them strong and elastic. Powdered Kaolin clay can be mixed with hot water and applied on hair.

4. Clay-o-patra Detoxifying Skin & Hair Mask
Our own inhouse scalp detoxifying mask with a blend of 6 different clays – Rhassoul Clay, Kaolin Clay, French Green Clay, French Red Clay, Fuller’s Earth, Bentonite Clay, and Activated Charcoal.

Method: How to wash your hair with clay:

For a good consistency and ease of use, mix the required amount of clay with water or apple cider vinegar to a consistency that you would want to apply, which should ideally be the consistency of a thinned shampoo. Apple Cider Vinegar should be used when extra cleansing is required. The clay should be blended before mixing to avoid clumps.

Wet your hair and apply this mixture. Let it sit for 2-5 minutes, depending upon the oiliness and frequency of hair wash. Rinse it well with water. Clays have an alkaline pH which might make the appearance of hair dull after this wash. So a final rinse with apple cider vinegar mixed with equal amount of water is recommended for shine and volume.