My 5 Favourite Affirmations for Happiness

I had read somewhere that your thoughts become your words and your words become your beliefs. Your beliefs become your actions and actions form your habits. Your habits gradually become your nature and your nature defines you as a person. In short you become what you think. So, if our thoughts hold all the power to mould our personality and direct our whole life, let’s make them positive. It is human tendency that we may not feel positive all the time, due to stress, work pressures, tensions etc. But what is possible is to affirm positive thoughts to ourselves. These help in channelizing our thoughts and actions into positive directions. Affirmations are the key to guiding oneself towards becoming a better and happier person.

Below are the best five affirmations that are a must if it is happiness that you are seeking:

1. “I love( myself, everyone)”

Love makes the world go round. The first and foremost prerequisite to a happy soul is love. In order to be a loving person, one should first love themselves. Affirm that you love yourself. Say it out loud or quietly think it. Say that you love all human beings and accept them for what they are. Believe everything that you say and you will surely know that you are a radiant source of love and warmth.

2. “I forgive(myself, everyone)”

It is difficult to be happy when one’s heart is being weighed down by regrets for their own actions or anger for others. Keeping grudges makes a person bitter and grumpy. To get rid of this burden is to know the real happiness. Affirm ‘I forgive myself’ or ‘I forgive them’ and feel the bitter clouds wafting away.

3. “The best is yet to come”

Wise people say that the night is the darkest just before dawn. So whenever you feel bogged down by pressures and challenges and nothing seems to go right, remember that nothing lasts forever. In the grand universal plan, everything happens for a reason and something good will always come out of it. Affirm that ‘the best is yet to come’ and at each new step, you will find miraculous happy surprises. It is an old, tried and tested affirmation that my college professor taught us. Believe me, it works!

4. “I am strong”

Fear, like death, is a universal truth. It may challenge even the bravest. Even seemingly easy to conquer fears like fear of people or fear of unknown future may become huge causes for failure. Overcome your fears by evoking your inner strength. Declare ‘I am strong’ to yourself and mean it. A strong and fearless person is a happy person who can enjoy their life without ever worrying about challenges.

5. “I have everything in plenty”

Being ambitious is great. But blindly running behind material comforts may lead to irritation, sense of underachievement and unhappiness. One who is satisfied is also happy. Sense of contentment is a precursor to happiness. Affirm to yourself each morning that ‘I have everything. I am blessed. I have a beautiful life and everything required to be happy is within reach.’

A happy life is a successful life and happiness is the whole point of living a fulfilled human life. To me, being aware that I am happy is the highest point of happiness. Positive affirmations help open your eyes to happiness and you just might discover a new and happier self.

So have you decided your positive affirmation of the day yet? Share your happiness with us.

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