DIY Hibiscus hair conditioner

Hibiscus, also known as China rose or shoe flower is a common bushy shrub usually adorning our gardens and sidewalks. The large, rather flamboyant flowers are usually ruby red, but they can also be found in other colors like orange, yellow, peach and white. Its leave and flowers are mucilaginous, that is, when crushed, they release a mucus like sap which finds use as a topical emollient. Hibiscus contains various nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, carotene and riboflavin, all of which are exceptionally good for scalp and hair. Therefore, hibiscus leaves and flowers are used in various hair treatment applications in the form of shampoo, hair oil, hair masks and conditioner, by themselves or in combination with other herbs like amla and curry leaves. They are especially helpful in preventing premature graying of hair, premature hair fall and dandruff, thus making hibiscus an all in one hair care expert.

Apart from hair care applications, hibiscus is also popular worldwide as a beverage, and hibiscus tea, also known as sour tea, largely due to its tart taste is traditionally used in many countries as a cure for high blood pressure and blood cholesterol. It has many plant acids and anthocyanins which impart various medicinal properties to hibiscus, making it an excellent anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti oxidant and anti depressant herbal remedy which can cure sleep related problems and protect liver. It is also used in treating cancer. Hibiscus is believed to help alleviate menstrual cramps and pain, aid digestion and satiate thirst. It helps in weight loss, and has a host of other beneficial medicinal uses.

Coming back to the slippery mucilaginous sap, which is not only used as an emollient, it can be used as a hair conditioner too, keeping hair manageable and bouncier. It is also helpful in countering the ill effects of chemicals used in various hair products, thus replenishing the natural shine and strength of hair. Find out the method to prepare and use hibiscus hair conditioner in this tried and verified, easy to prepare and use recipe.


10-15 hibiscus leaves, 1 hibiscus flower, 1 cup water

Preparation and use:

Blend the leaves and flower in a blender or mash them using a pestle and mortar to make a fine paste. Keep adding water. After crushing or blending thoroughly, the leaves and flower release a sticky, mucous sap. Strain the mixture and apply the extract to hair and scalp after shampoo. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water. The sticky sap works a magical shine in your hair.

Trying this recipe is a must. One would never want to go back to a chemical conditioner after witnessing such great results as from this natural remedy. Healthy and happy hair guaranteed!