DIY Deep Conditioners For Hair

Everyone needs a little TLC every now and then and it’s always better if you don’t have to break the bank to do it. A spa day over the weekend sounds like the ideal way to detox and wind down after a busy week, but most salons have steep prices, and you end up worrying about the expenditure, getting worked up over the very thing that was supposed to help you unwind.

A perfect way to get this done is to DIY the spa at home! You can get some soothing candles, your favourite guilty pleasure music, and treat your hair the way it deserves to be treated. We live such hectic lives that we overlook the basics and having healthy hair can completely change your look. Plus, it’s more likely to cooperate with you if it’s being taken care of, haven’t you heard? Your hair has a mind of its own. So here are a few DIY deep conditioners you can make at home for weeks on weeks of ‘good hair days!’

DIY Banana Conditioner

Bananas have a rich texture that is high in nutrients, and it’s a bonus that it tastes absolutely divine with Nutella. For this one, however, we suggest you indulge after you’ve made the conditioner. Here’s what you will need:
Ripe Banana- 1
Honey- 1 spoon
Extra- virgin olive oil- 3 spoons
Yoghurt- 1/4 cup
Mash up the banana well and add the yoghurt, olive oil, and honey into a bowl along with banana. Mix it all well until you get a nicely blended mixture. Make sure the banana is mashed well or else it might not go away after washing. Apply this conditioner on well-combed hair and put a shower cap and leave it on for half an hour. Rinse the hair after that. What will you do in that half hour? Well, don’t forget to dunk the leftover bananas in Nutella for the perfect snack. We won’t tell if you won’t.

DIY Coconut Milk Conditioner

Coconut milk is nectar to the vegans and one of the most sustainable materials in the world. It’s healthy, easy to find and completely cruelty-free. For this one you will need:
Coconut milk- 3 spoons
Olive oil- 2 spoons
This conditioner works best for extremely dry hair. Mix both the ingredients and apply it on the hair before bath and leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash it off. It will nourish the dry hair and the oil will help make the hair look shiny and glossy. It’s always a plus point that you can snack on the coconut flakes as you wait the 30 mins for it to set in!

DIY Yogurt Conditioner

This one’s a no-brainer. Throughout our childhoods, our mothers have run after us on weekends wanting to dunk dahi on our heads and we always thought it was icky. Well, we hate to break it to you, this one goes to the mothers! They were right all along. Yoghurt is excellent for your hair because it has loads of good bacteria that nourishes all textures of hair without absolutely any chemicals. Here’s what you will need:
Yoghurt- 1 cup
Coconut oil- 1 spoon
Castor oil- 1 spoon
Take a bowl and add yoghurt and whip it well. To that, add the remaining ingredients and blend it all well. Apply this yoghurt conditioner on the hair well and wear the shower cap. Leave it for an hour and then wash it off with water or take a shower. We’re told this works best with the 1st half of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and what’s more, you get to pretend you’re Poo for the day and do her dance with dahi conditioner in your hair.

DIY Egg Yolk and Baby Oil Conditioner

Remember getting egged in the head during Holi every year? No? Well, you had kinder and nicer friends than most. But what that did do, however, is make the hair so smooth and silky you never knew why! Egg yolks are so rich and concentrated in protein that they enrich the hair follicles directly at the root making them lush. Plus, there’s always a little Johnson and Johnson’s baby oil lying around an Indian household regardless of whether there are actual babies around. Here’s what you will need for this one:
Egg yolk- 1
Baby oil- 1 spoon
Beat the egg yolk well in a bowl and add baby oil to it and blend it together to make a nice smooth conditioner. Massage this conditioner on the hair before bath and leave it for half an hour. Rinse the hair afterwards. This conditioner is best for dry and damaged hair. With the remaining egg white that you’re left with, make the best little egg white scrambled egg on toast and enjoy it guilt-free as a healthy snack while you wait.
We hope you find these DIY conditioners helpful! It’s the perfect way to take care of yourself, get some ‘me-time’ and your hair will be happier and healthier for it.

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