Castile Soap: What it is & it’s benefits

What is Castile Soap?

Castile soap is soap made from the all-benefitting olive oil, and has been named so after the Castile region of Spain, which is known for its olive oil.
The good ol’ olive oil is not just good for consumption in food, but also for your skin, hair, and even nails! It is an excellent anti-aging product, a moisturizer, and even keeps the skin healthy, as it contains vitamin E.

What’s the Story?
The origin of Castile soap is an interesting tale of survival of the fittest.
It can be traced back to the Levant (geographical term for a large area in the east Mediterranean) where Aleppo soap-makers made solid soap bars out of olive and laurel oil for thousands of years. (Source)
And, let me tell ya’ll, this was not just some mediocre soap – it was the soap. That’s right! Aleppo soap was considered to be an important cleaning product ever to be created. Even the gorgeous Queen Cleopatra used it!
It’s got to be legit, right?
Apparently, the crusaders brought the Aleppo soap (including the ingredients to make it which was unavailable back home) back with them to Europe, in the 11th century.
Aleppo soap became a revolutionary cleaning agent; in the deteriorating sanitary state, during the Middle Ages, it became a life-saving product.  After this, a lot of new kinds of soaps were popping up in Europe, giving a tough competition to Aleppo’s fandom. However, one out of all these soaps managed to stand out due to its ability to clean like no other soap – the Castile soap.
And from there on, Castile soap has earned a place for itself in the history of the most awesome soaps of all time.
Now, enough about the history, let’s see why it’s so cool.

Ways to use Castile Soap Bar:

  • You can wash your hair, face, and body, everything with this super soap bar!
  • Grated Castile soap bar, with two other ingredients from your kitchen and voila, you have your own powdered laundry soap.

  • Make a dishwashing soap in 1:1 ratio of Castile and water
    For this, you’ll need to liquefy the bar and it’s super easy to do that.
    Chop, chop, chop the soap bar into small chunks and put them in a mason jar (or any other container capable of holding hot water). Slowly add boiled water to the container and let it sit for 5 minutes. And…done!

  • Use the same ratio as given above and make a hand washing bar, add a little bit of your fav essential oil for some aroma

Benefits of Castile Soap Bar:

  • Multipurpose – soap, shampoo, face wash, detergent, hand wash, vegetable-wash, and so on
  • Safe for those with sensitive skin as well as babies as it is made from all-natural ingredients
  • Nontoxic, therefore skin-friendly
  • Inexpensive (duh)
  • Gives your skin a fresh and smooth cleanse
  • Doesn’t cause irritation as it is dye-free and chemical-free
  • Unclogs pores and gives you a deeper cleanse as compared to commercial soaps

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