Using chemical-free products is not only essential for your skin… It also helps to preserve a greener Earth… and creates a kinder one.

Support cruelty-free companies: Synthetic compound need to be tested for efficacy and the most common means of testing is on animals. This causes suffering and death of thousands of animals every year. Would you really like to use products that have caused so much pain to our furry and feathered friends? We think NOT and we’re sure you agree with us!

Support ethical business: Support businesses that source their raw material ethically, without destruction to the environment and the natural habitat of the animals that live in it.

Judge by the Cover: Packaging is an important factor to consider while shopping for eco-friendly products! Look for stuff that can be reused or recycled so that we reduce the amount of waste we produce.

Support local businesses: This not only helps to empower the local community but also reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating shipping.

Do Some Digging! The Skin Deep cosmetics database created by Environmental Working Group helps consumers figure out the toxins and harmful chemicals in everyday products. So go on and do some detective-work: You, after all, are responsible for your health and environment!

By choosing to buy truly green products, you create a market for them. This encourages manufacturers to be less dependent on cheap synthetic fillers to manufacture skincare products!

Burst Of Happyness is dedicated to all things natural and believes in making products for a healthy and happy skin without disturbing the environment. Our products provide pure nutrition for the skin, being made from fruits, vegetables, herbs, vegetable oils and butters. BOH offers you skincare that is truly vegan—that is without any animal-derived ingredients—and that is also truly natural—that is without preservatives, colourants, and foam boosters. So our products are not only chemical-free, they are also cruelty free!

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