A little more about Antiperspirants

Deodorants and antiperspirants have become absolute essentials in the 21st-century hygiene routines. Antiperspirants are a multi million dollar industry that function as essential beauty products, or even a simple gift for friends and family. But how safe are these products really? So many people complain about irritation when applied directly on the skin, not to mention rashes and irritations especially if your skin is sensitive; and the risk of some dangerous diseases!

Well, the human body HAS to perspire. The sweat glands are merely doing their job. Sweating, or the production of fluid by various glands over your body’s surface, helps cool you down, keeping your internal body temperature consistent. Your armpits not only produce sweat in response to increased body temperature, but they also have glands that make fluid when you feel stressed. That sweat, when it sits in the warm, dark atmosphere of your armpits, allows odor-producing bacteria to flourish.

And what do you do to cope with the odour? You use deodorants and antiperspirants that eliminate the odour and make the armpits and yourself smell fresh and fragrant. No one’s expecting anyone to do nothing to deal with the odour, but have you really thought whether what you’re doing is the right thing or not? Are the deodorants and antiperspirants really just solving the *problem* or are they creating more *problems* and *risks* for you to tackle? The answer to the previous question is a big YES!

Most commercially available deodorants are chemical based which blocks pores to prevent sweating. This causes a toxic build up in sweat glands and lymph nodes. In the long run, chemical deodorants may cause cancer and Alzheimer’s. They could be responsible for respiratory allergies for some people too. Truth be told, there can be some negative health consequences associated with regular antiperspirant use. Here are some of the chemicals used in antiperspirants that might be harmful:


Aluminium is a natural metal that’s mixed with most other minerals to create alloys. But it’s a heavy element which means it could have negative repercussions when in contact with skin. More research is needed in this area, but many scientists believe that the aluminium in antiperspirants, used to keep sweat from exiting the body, could be linked to the development of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s.


Estrogen function in the body may be affected if multiple body care products containing parabens are used at once


These chemicals help the products they are in stick to the skin. They may interfere with reproductive health in men and women.


This chemical kills bacteria, and it’s used in many products. Research is increasingly showing that triclosan can interfere with hormone activity and gut bacteria health. In fact, the FDA in the United States has recently banned triclosan in soaps and hand washes. The ban does not extend to other products like deodorant.

There is growing scientific awareness about the human microbiota: the mass of bacteria and fungi that live on our skin, as well as in our saliva and guts, play a vital role in maintaining good health. The fuss about antiperspirants is just that they interfere with the natural process and they’re more harmful than you think they are. Please use your beauty products carefully and safely. Take responsibility for your health and do the right thing. You cannot be ignorant in today’s day and time and have yourself exposed to products that could be harmful. Switch to products that have fewer chemicals and less adverse effects on your health. Choose your happyness!

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