Real products by real people: All our products are handmade, cut, blended, and packed in small, detailed batches to maintain quality. We have carefully developed synergistic product formulae that heighten efficacy by using ingredients which complement each other.

Natural in the true sense of the word: BoH products contain only cold-pressed oils, raw butters, essential oils, and herbs and clays. We do not use any synthetic preservatives (yes, you read that right!) or synthetic fragrances, or any pigments or mica to colour our products. All colours are derived from herbs and other natural ingredients.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free: None of our products contain animal-derived ingredients like milk, honey, silk or lard. We do not test on animals, nor do we source any raw material tested on animals! We self-test all our products, pull in family and friends, and keep experimenting till we’re super pleased with the final formulation!

Locally sourced ingredients: We source most of our raw material locally and ensure ethical sourcing for ingredients that aren’t cultivated in India (like Shea Butter). We’re also Indian at heartMany of our recipes are based on Ayurvedic principles, desi home remedies, and nanima ke nuske!

Eco-friendly practices: As an all-natural company with eco-friendly, biodegradable products, we Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in everything we do. Here are a few rules we follow in our workshop:

  • We use wooden soap moulds instead of disposable ones
  • We use stainless steel and glass utensils instead of disposables
  • We reuse old label-sheets to line our soap-curing shelves
  • We don’t waste any soap and re-batch all odds and ends for home use
  • We recycle old clothes as wipes instead of using tissue paper
  • We adhere to a strict policy of minimal printing to save paper
  • We pack orders in recycled cartons and packaging material

Social Happyness: BOH employs unschooled men and women from the low-income groups. We help them gain computer knowledge and transferable skills like bookkeeping and office management. And we also periodically donate big batches of soaps to NGOs and relief funds!

Honest-n-Happy: Go on, ask us anything. We’ll tell all. We follow a policy of full ingredient disclosure. And we tell you point-blank if you need not or should not use any of our products. There is nothing “salesy” about us!

Customer Happyness: We take customer happyness very seriously. If we make a mistake or haven’t lived up to your expectations, we work out a full replacement/refund for you: No questions asked!