5 Ways To Indulge In Meaningful Self Care

It’s Delightful December, and there would be nothing more delightful (for us) than knowing that you are taking out some time to indulge in some serious self-care. I say serious because it is something that we all should take seriously.  How would you like the idea of an unconventional long weekend where you don’t splurge money by adding more things that you don’t need. A weekend where which is truly fulfilling. Maybe all you need is to complete the eight hours of sleep that you’ve been rescheduling for weeks. If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy your own space and indulge in self-care then this one is meant for you! They’re extremely simple techniques that to fill yourself with some burst of happyness.


Have you been living in a messy space? Do you wish to get back from wild to civilisation? Because there is nothing more satisfying to your soul than knowing that the wrapper you’ve hidden under your bed is finally gone. We all remember those times when we threw unwanted things in our cupboards just because we were too lazy to deal with it. Start with the wardrobe, it may be painful but arrange all the displacement. Swipe everything to get away from the dust. Use an old toothbrush for smaller spaces. Donate the clothes you don’t wear anymore. Detox. Give it your all.

Decluttering doesn’t just mean cleaning up dirt, but it means to take a deep breath to clear one’s head. Think about things that you left for some other time. Plan your entire week’s diet. What are the tasks do you want to get done with. What are some things that you need to change right now? It could be anything, maybe an addiction, maybe a toxic relationship. It could be as simple as a box of tissues that you had to buy but you always forget. Figure it out. Keep a pen and paper with you.


Where does even self-care stand without preparing to eat something you absolutely love. There is a different rush in spending the time to cook your dream dinner. And the best part is absolutely customized. If you like to have pineapple on pizza without cheese but extra black olives, you can do it and no one can stop you. It is empowering to cook. It could be something that you don’t know but then you get to learn a new recipe.

You might not even know how to cook, which is great because there is always a first to everything. Imagine eating the perfect beverage, the perfect meal, and the perfect dessert all exactly made just how you like it.


Don’t want to go out and spend a bomb of facials/cleansing and massages. Spend a day and do it all. Start with releasing tension in your skin by massaging your own points with light pressure and light strokes. Apply pressure gradually and gently. The scalp, the neck, foot rubs. Use oils suited such as Sweet Almond, Coconut or Jojoba. Exfoliate your skin using scrubs. Cleansing is an important step. You can refer to our blogs on how to make your own cleansers, face masks etc. Follow cleansing with hydration. The moisture is indispensable. Apply lotion, face cream and lip balm regularly to work towards a healthier skin. You can mark small things to add to your everyday beauty routine. Consistent nourishment is the key to happy skin.


You know what feels great after a long hectic week? Soaking your entire body in a warm water. Women especially have a little higher temperature needs than men. There is no arguing that if you take a warm water bath it loosens stiffened muscles and helps in healing muscle pain.

To extract maximum benefits of a hot water bath, consider adding some Epsom sea salt in it for a spa-like experience. This is a great way for weekend relaxing, but please consider your skin sensitivity and physician to check to avoid any negative triggers for your skin. Avoid hot water baths if you have an especially dry skin.

If you don’t have a bathtub or have a dry skin you can still imagine an evening where you can just soak your feet in hot salt water (not too hot and not too warm) while you read your favourite novel. While you’re at this, you can provide your hair turban therapy.

Oil your head, massage it well into your scalp and let it sit for three-four hours. Then prepare a warm towel by simply soaking it in hot water, and then wring away excess water. Wrap this around your head while you dip your feet into the hot water solution. This is so soothing that you can call it like a ‘therapy blast’.


Do you remember how you would kill for new drawing books and colours as a child? Try dedicating a weekend to just throwing colours on paper or canvas or clothes. Take out that time that you were otherwise going to spend on social media, immersing in self-hatred by looking in the mirror. Self-care is about enjoying time with your own ideas and thoughts. Make your own caricature. Start with the most basic mountain and sun scenery. Doodle if your head is clumsy. Paint a wall. Reinvent the room’s arrangement and change the settings. Mix random paint colours and make no sense. But do it, simply for the sake of it.

What we are trying to say is – feel free to spend time with yourself without fearing missing out on other plans. That is really the beauty of self-care. If you try any of these, then do comment below and let us know how it turned out for you. Until the next time, keep following us at Burst of Happyness!

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