5 DIY Makeup Removing Methods

We have been meaning to write this article for so long because DIY Makeup Removers are something that every woman needs. Yes, we’ve got your back. Most of the makeup cleansers in the market are loaded with chemicals such as Carbon black, Ethanolamine compounds, BAK that cause irritation, disturb the pH level and strip it off from all moisture. Making DIY makeup removers at home is easy, quick, and natural. You can prepare a batch of flawless makeup remover at any time without you having to pay a bombshell of money that would cause a burn in your pocket and might burn your skin as well. The methods introduced in this DIY are simple and preparation time for all these is under 5 minutes. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start 🙂    

1. DIY Wet Wipes Gel


Aloe vera gel/cucumber gel


Extra Virgin coconut oil

Lavender Essential oil (can use any other of your choice)

Facial wipes

Mason Jar

How to make natural wipes

In a mason jar, with a wide mouth, add ½ tablespoon aloe vera or cucumber gel. If you’re using aloe vera gel make sure you’re using without any added green colour, it should preferably be translucent.

Measure 200 ml of rose water and mix it with the gel.

Now, take about 3-4 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and put it in the mason jar.

At this step, you can add two drops any essential oil of your preference, here in this recipe we are using Lavender Essential Oil for its stupendous fragrance

Soak some facial cotton wipes into the mixture fully immersing them into the jar.

Whenever removing makeup, gently apply the cotton wipe on the face to transfer the makeup onto the pad.

2. DIY Easy Witch Hazel Makeup Remover


Witch Hazel (alcohol-free)

Olive oil or jojoba oil, sweet almond, avocado, apricot kernel, or fractionated coconut oil

How to make the easy makeup remover

This makeup remover is probably the easiest. To create this remover, witch hazel is mixed with oil in a proportion of 3:2. This can be any other oils, like baby oil, coconut oil or jojoba oils, which can also be used.

To Use the remover, Shake the bottle, then apply the makeup remover to a cotton ball or facial pad. Wipe desired area (mascara, foundation, etc.) with the ball/pad.

3. DIY Micellar Water


Distilled Water

Cold pressed Olive Oil

Aloe Vera Gel

Carrier oil Grapefruit (Any carrier oil of choice can be used)

How to prepare Micellar Water

Fill a glass jar with ½ cup of distilled water ingredient to a glass jar.

To the water, Add about 1 tablespoon Cold pressed Olive Oil and stir well.

Take ½ tablespoon of Aloe Vera Gel and add it to the mixture to emulsify oil in water.

To add perfume and to avoid any bacteria settling, use 3 drops of any carrier oil.

Cap closed and mix well before use After cleansing the skin, add some homemade micellar water to a cotton ball or pad and gently swipe it over the skin.

4. DIY Honey Face Wash


Raw Honey

Baking soda


Apple Cider Vinegar

Grapeseed oil (Carrier oil of any choice)

How to use honey to clean off your makeup:

Simply use about a teaspoon of raw honey, and sprinkle some baking soda on it over a wet towel. Gently rub the honey on the towel on your face to scrub and massage in circular motion. This should remove the makeup.

Now on a soaked cotton ball, place 2-4 drops of apple cider vinegar. This would balance the pH of the skin. Swipe your face all over with the watered-down apple cider vinegar

Remove any leftover eye Makeup with oil such as grapeseed, Avocado or any other using cotton ball or face pad.

5. DIY Cleanser And Moisturizer Makeup Remover


1. Natural fluoridated water

2. Borax

3. Grated beeswax  

4. Favourite essential oil

5. Safflower oil (Or any other oil)

5. Two Boiler pots and one bowl

How to prepare this cleanser at home

Boil water in one of the boiling pots. As the water is being heated, take a separate bowl and keep it on the top of boiling water. In this bowl, add Add ½ ounce of beeswax and let it melt.

To the melting wax add 3 tablespoons of safflower Oil or any other oil of your choice which suits your skin type.

In another boiler pot, add 2 tablespoons of natural fluoridated water and mix ½ tablespoon of borax and heat it on low flame just enough to melt the borax.

Once the borax has melted, remove both the pots at the same time. Slowly pour the borax base to the beeswax bowl while continuously whisking the mixture as you keep adding. Whisk the mixture completely for some time. As one is whisking, 2-3 drops of essential oil should be added in the end for antibacterial purposes and for perfuming the cream. One may use any essential oil.

To use, simply massage the cream on your face and wipe it off using a face pad.

We hope that these methods work for you and make your skin happy. We will soon be uploading more DIYs on our page, so keep following for more burst of happyness!