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Benefits of Cocoa butter for Skin and Hair ( Free body butter recipe)

Cocoa butter is also known as theobroma oil. It is obtained from cocoa beans. To extract cocoa¬†butter, whole cocoa beans are fermented and roasted. When the hull is separated, the residue that remains is cocoa butter. It can also be extracted from ground coffe beans or chocolate liquor. It has strong aroma and flavour of […]

Have You Tried Washing Your Hair With Clay?

Commercial shampoos might have Silicones that coat hair to give that extra shine and smoothness.They also contain toxic surfactants like lauryl sulphate, which help the shampoo to stay close to natural hair pH. These additives are toxic in nature though and build up in the hair after a long period of regular use. Thus, to […]

My 5 Favourite Affirmations for Happiness

I had read somewhere that your thoughts become your words and your words become your beliefs. Your beliefs become your actions and actions form your habits. Your habits gradually become your nature and your nature defines you as a person. In short you become what you think. So, if our thoughts hold all the power […]