BoH products are truly natural in the real sense of the word. They contain only cold-pressed oils, raw butters, essential oils, and herbs and clays. We do not use any synthetic preservatives (yes, you read that right!) or synthetic fragrances, or any pigments or mica to colour our products. All colours are derived from herbs and other natural ingredients. We use a synergistic blend of anti-oxidising oils and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal essential oils which help increase the shelf life of our products.

Every product starts with a “need” vocalized by customers at large. The “need” then translates into various product options. Then begins the extensive research of ingredients which will suit the purpose – it includes the study of properties and benefits of oils, botanicals and essential oils. All the ingredients are chosen so that they complement each other and increase the efficacy of the product. We create multiple formulations for all products which are tested during different seasons. As we don’t use any chemical emulsifiers, the products tend to behave differently with seasons. These formulations are shared with willing volunteers, family and friends for their feedback and we refine our product based on that.

Unlike many other companies we do not keep a secret of our ingredients as we honest about our work and take pride in our quality. You will find the full ingredient disclosure on each product description.