Hi! I’m Shreya

The soapmaker behind the scenes! When not working, I spend time walking my dogs, experimenting with food, feeding birds, daydreaming and living the life of an Indian Army Wife.

I am also a coach and mentor for women entrepreneurs in India and help them develop clarity and vision for their creative business. Find me on www.shreyasharanpawar.com 

I may have started Burst Of Happyness, but it came to life with the contribution of many people, some of who have been a part of BOH since the start and some only for a few months.


She is a professional editor. All our content goes through her careful scrutiny.


My dad – the ex-fauji! He is the strategic and marketing brains behind BOH.


My mum! She is in charge of practically everything especially finance as mums always are.


Her clever ideas and tricks have changed the way we cut and pack our soaps, and maintain the workshop.

Shrek & Juno
Fun Managers

She is incharge of making all our breaks “fun time”. She vehmently supports “cruelty against animals” especially during baths.